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Yes, You can Die in a Dream

Dreamed 1998/12/12 by Anonymous #37

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a soldier in the Rebel Alliance. We were locked in ground conflict against the Empire on Yavin IV--several Star Destroyers were nearby after the destruction of the Death Star, and they were here to retaliate. Since most of our fighters had been destroyed during the Death Star assault, the Empire had no trouble landing several legions of Storm Troopers.

During the shootout, I was hit in the chest with an Imperial blaster. I learned that the reason the "lasers" move slower than light is that they were actually bullets.

As I lay bleeding, I knew that death was inevitable. To put myself out of my own misery, I drew my blaster and shot myself in the head.

The dream just ended. I didn't wake up. For a solid minute, there was nothing but blackness. Then I realized that I was still thinking, and therefore, still alive. I woke up.


This one's a rarity. Dying in a dream usually either wakes you up or forces you into some other realm of experience, not a blackout. As #37 notes, it wasn't oblivion--thought went on--but it's pretty scary. Worse than true oblivion, I'd think. Simple unconsciousness, whether for a minute or for eternity, is something you're (by definition) oblivious to. So why worry? But boredom will drive anyone crazy.

It's peculiar that thought-plus-sensory-deprivation made 37 suspect it wasn't death; I can't see why such a state is any less deathlike, any less (im)plausible than, oh, amnesic oblivion, a tunnel of light, harps and halos, rebirth as a chihuahua...

--Chris Wayan

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