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Episodic Dreams

Episodic or "installment" dreams are a rare type that always comes in series. Each dream returns you to the same dreamworld, later in time, like chapters of a novel or episodes of a TV or radio show. Episodic dreams aren't merely recurrent; events don't repeat! Time and causality can operate in the dreamworld as consistently as they do in the waking world (though time between episodes may pass faster or slower than waking time.)

Episodic dreamers can legitimately challenge the waking world's claim to be real--at least realer than dreams. If you alternate between two sets of consistent experiences, why assume one is real and one an illusion? The waking world is, after all, intermittent too. Is it punctuated by dreams, or is the dreamworld punctuated by so-called waking life?

This new list was inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson, who defined the type; its clearest modern example is Meredyth and Lilly. Please send me more of these dreams-in-installments!

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EVERLASTING AND PERPETUAL NIGHTMARE: by Shawn King; c. 2009/2/10; two bits of a lifelong nightmare
Lucifer throws firebolts from a Montreal tower; monsters stalk us; next comes the flood...
I AM THREE: by Wayan; 1957-58, my three earliest dreams.
My first memory is of being a wild horse and waking up to find I was suddenly a human child...
A LIFE IN PERCENTAGES: by Wayan; 2013/5/19, a dream about dreams--and timesharing
A man I meet leads half a dozen consistent dreamlives--an experience
so splintered that it's hard to figure out which life is his waking one...
MEREDYTH AND LILLY: by Meredyth Watts; May 2010, 2010/11/14 and 2010/12/7, episodic dreams
I dream over & over of the same place, time, & woman. We fall in love. Strangely, I'm the one who gets pregnant...
STEVENSONíS BROWNIES: by Robert Louis Stevenson; 1850s-1880s, a series of dreams
Stevensonís dreams changed over decades: from childhood nightmares into
creative collaborators dreaming whole stories...
STRANGE GIRL STALKING ME IN MY DREAMS: by Mike Hanes; 2010/12/11, a dream recovering a lost dream!
This strange girl reminds me "I rode your bike recently but you forgot." She's right! Rode it in an earlier dream...
TORNADO FADE: by Rick Veitch; pre-1995; a time-travel nightmare
We escape tornadoes by fading out and rematerializing in a future dream...
But one of the tornadoes manages to follow us from the old dream to new...

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