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Meredyth and Lilly

Dreamed 2010 (May, Nov. 4 and Dec. 7), by Meredyth Watts
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My name is Meredyth (yes, strange name for a guy), and my dreams are rare in that they are occasionally recurring, more often serial dreams, and I have all of my senses active in my dreams. Today I had the third of a series of dreams, all connected, like chapters from a book.

In these dreams, it's about 300 years in the future, and humans have made several major advances in technology; we have colonized our neighboring planets that we can actually land on and terraform (sorry, not Venus!), we have fast clean interstellar travel, and we have developed the ability to morph (I think this aspect of the dream appeared because I've been rereading my old Animorphs books).

In the first dream, I have just gone on vacation and I am at a beach, where I meet this girl. She's gorgeous: strawberry blonde, blue-green eyes (not one blue one green, but a mix of colors), a bit shorter than me (I'm around 6'2), with an athletic, almost gymnast-type build. So I flirted with her and asked her out. I won't bore people with the details, as this dream seemed to last several hours, but I learn that her name is Lilly, that she is an orphan, that she supports herself by writing for a magazine that doesn't exist in our time, but its subject is xenofashion (alien fashion), and that she is capable of morphing, like myself in the dream.

In the second dream, set a few weeks later, it is my last day on vacation, and we had become intimate sometime between the first and this dream. We spend this last night together in very erotic yet very strange situations, involving changing into each other at one point (this is an important thing to remember). I have to say, I could feel everything, and if I could live in this dream, I would.

The dream continues for a few hours of this then it shifts forward a few weeks, where I discover something that still kind of freaks me out. In my dream, because of me morphing her and her morphing me, I become a pregnant man. This startles me enough to wake me up.

In today's dream, I find I'm now about 6 months along, and I'm flipping out. I had tried to get in touch with Lilly several times, but was unable to reach her. So my friends take me to their mansion-esque house on Mars, and one of them contacts Lilly and flies her in. She freaks out in the quiet "OK, I'm going to be a mom" type of way with the "Dear God, I got my boyfriend pregnant" weirded out bit as well. And today's dream was pretty much spent getting us both equalized with this freaky situation.


--Meredyth Watts


I look forward to more installments; dying to know how this will work out. Long-term relationships are quite possible in dreams. After years of recurring encounters with Silky, she and I married. So I know it can happen.

While dreams of sex changes are common, cross-gender pregnancy seems less so. I have dreamed of being pregnant, both as a female (example: Pregnant with Krytha) and male (Splinter) but few readers have sent me similar dreams (example: Baby's Coming). Hello out there, men who dream you're pregnant, women who dream you're a pregnant man, or that you get a man pregnant... Write in!

I'm equally intrigued by your serial/episodic dreams, with a consistent dream-country they return to. Few other dreamers have reported these--notably writer Robert Louis Stevenson. He argued episodic dreamworlds can't firmly be called dreams; consistency defines reality, so if your dreamlife's as coherent as waking life, aren't they equally real?

I never even thought to collect episodic dreams. Hello, readers? Do you have a stable dreamworld you revisit? Write in! I'll start a dedicated list of episodic dreams, OK?

Such consistency and persistence suggests Lilly is important to you whatever her reality. Maybe Jung was right and she's an anima, an inner guide who's helping you give birth to a new you, with different interests and abilities (writing, independence, flirtation, fashion? All the above?) But maybe not. Somewhere an episodic dreamer named Lilly may be wishing that Meredyth wasn't just a dream...

--Chris Wayan

Dec 7, 2010, 3 AM

Well, things are about on schedule. I had the next dream a few minutes ago, so bear with the bad grammar.

In the dream world I am officially a daddy (mommy?) and I confirmed something I suspected since the first "dream"--I can feel EVERYTHING, and unfortunately for me, it was not a butt baby. To say that the dream was cut short by the pain and exhaustion (I passed out from it in the dream, which led to me waking up) would not be an understatement. The best way I can describe it, imagine trying to pass a bladder stone, now make it the size of a baby. In the dream my equipment looked disturbing and in fact very frightening to me, but Lilly was there with me and held my hand throughout. I don't think it would be an understatement to say I wouldnt have been able to complete the dream without her. And I still stand by the belief that she's real.

Some of the exhaustion did cross over with me, and the pain as well

As far as the baby is concerned, after discussion before the labour began, we decided to let some friends of ours adopt her (beautiful girl we named Sharon) and to try and get our own situations "calcified." That was the term used, and I can only imagine they meant "solidified". More phrases supported the idea that this might be a soul I'm reaching in the future; they included comments like "You're so old-fashioned" or "I like how you talk old style". Other phrases I didnt understand, like "You are so astral," which was said in a positive way, so I guess it means awesome or stellar or something.

It's almost like I'm viewing another person's life though. The strange thing to me is I know my name in the dream is the same as mine in reality. Maybe it's a descendant of mine, in which case I'm confused beyond all recognition as to where "I" fit into the dream.

Just more of the story to chew on!


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