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Strange Girl Stalking Me in my Dreams

Dreamed 2010/12/11 by Mike Hanes

Just woke from a nap, where I dreamt I rode a bike into a convenience store, literally right inside, and parked it in front of the potato chips. A girl came up to me and grabbed the bike like she was going to take it from me. I held onto it tight so she couldn't. She giggled and said something like "What would you have done if I tried to take it?"

Then she said that she had ridden this same bike a few days ago, and that I should remember but I didn't. Then we were all of a sudden somewhere else, just the two of us, and she got in my lap and started kissing me. Then she proceeded to have sex with me.

Then I woke up. When I woke, I remembered a dream I had yesterday or the day before, where this exact same girl was in fact riding my bike. It's hard to remember now because it was hours ago when I woke up from this. But yeah, we were taking turns riding this bike, and in this dream, there are a lot more details that I can't recall, but in the end she had sex with me.


--Mike Hanes


Things come in clumps! I'd been whining that no one ever sends me series of episodic dreams, dreams with much continuity. Recurring dreams, yeah, where things simply repeat because you didn't get the message last time (or you're obsessed)... but a logical progression of events between dreams? Rare! I knew of one classic case, Robert Louis Stevenson, and a few borderline ones. And then two sets this month--similar, too. Enough! I surrender! I'm making a new list for dreams coming in installments--episodic dreams.

Send me examples if you've had one. I mean, more than one. I mean... you know what I mean.

--Chris Wayan

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