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Abject Object

1992/5/11; digital undream picture by Chris Wayan

I took dance for several years and felt a confusing mix of sexiness and fear. Showing off my body, seeing other bodies, flirting with other dancers, with the audience... my feminist education kept muttering "sex object" and the battered kid I was kept muttering "I object!"

I finally decided it's OK to be an object as long as you're also a subject.

What you don't want to be is an abject.

A kneeling horse says 'My last owner hit me. Pet me! I'll be your pet. Tell me I'm pretty too. Stroke your pet, tickle me and never hit, & I'll kiss and kiss you on the clit. O let me be your pet. I'll be good, I'll be g... I'll be...' (words blocked by knee.) On the body is written: 'Am I abject?' Next: dancers, with words: 'If I see you objectively, as gorgeous forms, sexy lightnings, will you feel like objects? Do you like me to like you like YOU like you? Will you object?' (Male dancer with erection, with words:) 'In dance class you all flirt with me and my mind goes blank.' (Smiling girl pokes male dancer. Words:) 'Hey, Wayan! Acting blind to the sexual power of a dancer working her ass off to reach you could be construed as RUDE, prude!'

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