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The Admiral's Death

Dreamed 1653/6/2 by Mary Deane

William Penn, proprietor of Pensylvania, told me, that he went with his mother on a visit to Admiral Dean's wife, who lived then in Petty-France; the Admiral was then at sea.

She told them, that, the night before, she had a perfect dream of her husband, whom she saw walking on the deck, and giving directions, and that a cannon bullet struck his arm into his side.

This dream did much discompose her, and within forty-eight hours she received news of the fight at sea, and that her husband was killed in the very manner aforesaid.


This account is from Miscellanies upon Various Subjects by John Aubrey, 1696.

Admiral Richard Deane (spelling was not standardized), was a Puritan crony of Oliver Cromwell; he signed the death warrant of the King. The Royalists called him cruel, though even they conceded he had great courage. He was killed in a sea-battle, June 2, 1653.

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