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1988, Erasable crayon, 16 x 20 framed. By Chris Wayan.

In Greek myth, Andromeda was a princess chained to a sea-rock, to appease a dragon. Perseus, riding Pegasus, rescued her.

I dreamed I met that dragon, before he flew to her. He wasn't what I expected. Part sea-serpent, part man--or rather, men. For like Frankenstein's monster, he had been sewn together. He had four quadrants: thoughts, senses, feelings, and intuitions. The monster was that rarity, a WHOLE PERSON--though his parts came from others, and his seams showed.

He spoke in a lean dark voice full of poetry, of the need for balance between darkness and light...

Crayon of Andromeda chained to a rock by the water as a dragon flies closer. They both have similar coloring, as if they're kin.
And Andromeda, the maiden chained to the rock? She was another! Four quadrants, fused. Maiden and monster were the same chimera. No need for a human hero to rescue her! The dragon himself would unchain her: he sought a mate, not meat.

Only... did she know that? Did she know her own strangeness... and strength?

Crayon drawing of Andromeda and the dragon locking gazes.

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