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Baby, I'll Blow Your Mind

Dreamed 1995/3/21 by Chris Wayan

My childhood home is now under Nazi occupation. But the guard assigned to patrol it is a giant baby. Half a ton of "Gooh!" He waddles around our family room in diapers, trolling for Allied submarines, which sail under the floor. Well, not exactly--it's a solid cement slab. The subs are really in a parallel continuum, but the effect is that they surface here as if the cement slab were a sea and the subs were barely a foot long--or Nazi Toddler's the size of King Kong.

King Kong in diapers, with a portable sonar in his chubby little hands. Sweep sweep, beep beep...

I hide in a bedroom, peering round the corner at him. So far he hasn't noticed me, intent on his sonar.

I dream a giant Nazi toddler is hunting subs in my playroom. I try to kill him with a radio-controlled minisub. Dream sketch by Wayan.
I too carry a device. A remote control. For the subs? No. They may LOOK like toys, but they really are full-sized ships, fully crewed and independent. I control only one thing--an egg-shaped little robot sub, with a tadpole tail, called the Wabbler. Slow, but silent--built for stealth!

It creeps toward him. His whirling green screen detects something, but fuzzily and too late. I keep it moving--straight at his head. Bonk him! He looks around puzzled. But because it's "underwater", in the other world, it's invisible to his naked eyes. I ram his head again. He scowls and pouts, but big boys don't cry. He squints at the sonar, trying to get a clear fix. I ram him again--and at last the charge goes off.

His head explodes. The fireball fills the room. For a terrible instant at the cloud clears, I see straight down his neck and throat, concentric rings of meat, gristle and bone, before his scorched body falls to the floor.

And I wake, shaking in horror.

But in cold anger too--think "He deserved it! And he'd have done it to me, and all those sub crews, if he'd caught me first!"

Or am I feeling guilty?


Maybe the dream is from the viewpoint of an inner saboteur, trying to keep my subconscious memories secret. Is the saboteur paranoid, might the Big Baby NOT really be a Nazi sub-hunter, but a rescuer? My conscious self, sincerely trying to resolve childhood issues? But wouldn't it make more sense, then, to dream of my adult self hunting kids, casting back toward my childhood? But a giant killer baby vulnerable to torpedoes... both fascist and infantile... hmmm. And on the other side, a murderous habit triggered by a merciless saboteur. Scolding? Spanking? Nope--off with his head!

No matter how I look at it, something's very, very very wrong here. And I better not do anything drastic till I know who inside to trust. Or more to the point, mistrust.

Starting with me.

A green radar screen. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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