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Bast Sabotage

Dreamed 1995/1/22 by Chris Wayan

Bast, the cat goddess, half profile

I'm half asleep, sliding deeper. Find myself in old Egypt, walking deep into a temple, to an audience with Bast, the Cat-Goddess.

But just as I enter her throne room, I jerk awake--and know in my bones that it wasn't reluctance, wasn't fear, wasn't some night-time noise waking me. Bast was ready to see me, and most of me was ready to see her.

One tiny part of me forced me awake, and cheated all the rest.

And cheated Bast, too.

What the dream telling me? The message is, politics can break down inside you, just as it can in society. A tiny group that sees no hope of winning over the majority can throw monkeywrenches in everyone else's plans if they're willing to use violence or sabotage.

The message is, "Don't assume this means you didn't really want to, that you have mixed feelings. Sabotage doesn't always imply reluctance, resistance, deep division. For the very reason one side of you, or of a society, resorts to sabotage, is that it knows there ISN'T reluctance--no deep, inner support for its position."

The very act of sabotage usually means the saboteur is losing.

Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess, face on, looking friendly.

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