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Bleeding Heart
comics version

Dreamed 2002/5/29 & drawn 2004 by Chris Wayan.
for notes see illustrated text version

Page 1 of 'Bleeding Heart', a dream-comic by Wayan: cover. Greenish women in multicolored tunics of leaves play with a unicorn in a wood. Click to enlarge. Page 2 of 'Bleeding Heart', a dream-comic by Wayan. A map of the Heartwood; tunic-weaving; how tree-women reproduce. Click to enlarge.
Page 3 of 'Bleeding Heart', a dream-comic by Wayan: a green woman named Dahaun persuades a unicorn to carry her out of the Heartwood to Hollywood. Click to enlarge. Page 4 of 'Bleeding Heart', a dream-comic by Wayan: Dahaun flirts with women at Hollywood parties. Page laid out as a huge wine glass. Click to enlarge.
Page 5 of 'Bleeding Heart', a dream-comic by Wayan: At a party of  'Xena' actors, Dahaun hits on the wrong girl. Her boyfriend runs Dahaun through with a sword. The ambulance comes. She survives: 'We of the Green Silence rarely die of a mere core-sample'. Click to enlarge. Page 6 of 'Bleeding Heart', a dream-comic by Wayan: close-up of Dahaun. She looks well but her tunic is blood-soaked over the heart. Click to enlarge.
Page 7 of 'Bleeding Heart', a dream-comic by Wayan: Dahaun's constant bleeding stains expensive rugs and scares off business--and dates. And Dahaun ignores it! Page 8 of 'Bleeding Heart', a dream-comic by Wayan: I wake troubled, unsure what wound I ignore. Image: a heart full of phrases: bleeding-heart liberal; heart on my sleeve; beware the ides of March; beware the guys of Mars; your sins will seek you out; a mere core-sample; broken-hearted; she's so sensitive; shamanic wound; our wounded heartland; dyed in the wool; the autumn of my life; stabbed to the heart; there's no people like show people, they smile when they are low; sic semper lesbiannis; have I lived in vein? the wine-dark sea; caught red-handed; blood will tell; Xenaphobia; the tell-tale heart; marooned! Click to enlarge.

for notes see illustrated text version

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