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The Braid of Silence

Dreamed 1989/1/24 by Wayan

We’re slaves on the Moon. New
purchases are terrified, assume
the owners watch each move. In truth
our masters ignore us miners--

Don't care a crater what we do,
unless we make the news. Invisible we
by now have crept to nearly almost free.

But the newbies just despair. One
lovely brown girl still has the Braid
of Silence, from the nightmare days.

I say "You can undo THAT!" But they
fear, fear. I reach out--only to blush
dusk-plum as the lips I have to brush.

Want to stroke her cheek. Hey, back
on task! Tease at the censor knot
but dunno the hitch. I try to intuit--

Stubborn, the Braid of Silence, but
Persistence will undo it.

Dream: girl's pigtails tied together in front of her mouth; it's called the Braid of Silence.

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