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British Triangle

Dreamed 2019/8/18 by Wayan

I'm a middle-aged Englishman living in rural, south-central Britain, married 20 years, with two teenage kids about ready to fly the nest. We've just moved into a farmhouse to accommodate my wife's ambition to start a goat dairy making artisanal cheese and yogurt. It's risky, but I'm successful enough so it doesn't have to start turning a profit quickly; and she really wants to try it.

The place has a huge sunny stone-fenced yard or back field, with pens and a shelter. No goats yet; she's still planning. May need some improvements.

I like the new place, it's spacious. But it's a bit farther from my girlfriend. My wife knows of course; the marriage was a triangle from the start. They're friends. I've been quasi-married to this sculptor for longer than I've known my wife! Would have married her, but she's deep-rooted in a commune in a small town southeast of us--she works big, and needs her spacious workshop there, and it'd be hell to move her stuff--bronze and stone! And she just plain likes her communards, and needs a lot of time alone. So we never married, I just visit, and we've stayed lovers twenty years.

The triangle feels stable and happy; the fear/excitement/instability is all around the dairy business. Well, a little uncertainty about whether to hide our triangle from the neighbors. They're conservative; what'll they think?

Today one neighbor visited. He went around the yard examining our farm equipment. I think "Good, I can pump him for dairy expertise." Glad to help, flattered, he doesn't think to ask about our personal lives...

Man atop wall between goat-cheese maker and surreal sculptor. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Sculptor making a 2-meter heron-person. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Now the whole thing is a BBC mystery. I think. A tall skinny man arrives--a police detective investigating some crime.

When I wake, I forget the plot details. What sticks is my place, my people, my other life...


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