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Butterfly Wolf

Dreamed 1982/8/15 by Wayan

I dream I live in a treetop hotel
High in a pine I co-own.

Well, fuller truth to tell:
Hotel IS pine: the roof a cone,
A mushroom cap umbrellaing
Our lobby's platform-ring.
No wall or rail, so mind the rim,
But Goddess, what a view!
Meadows, misty fir-blue heights.
That oval hole leads down
The helical trunk-stair
To shadowed forest floor.
Mind you don't fall through, for
That stairwell's railless too.

Our bonsai pine's a tribute, you know,
to that famous scene a century ago
In Little Nemo in Slumberland,
The first dream-comic in the world:
In the gardens of King Morpheus,
His child, Princess of Dreams, led
Timid Nemo up a spiral stair of vine
Twining round a mushroom stalk
To shelter under parasol, from
A fierce noon squall, among
Fellow rain-refugees: a throng
Of huge butterflies. Iridescent ring
Of wing.

Well, fuller truth to tell:
History's echoes run deeper still.
Right now, our only paying guest
(Slow season here in Hotel Dream)
Is a giant butterfly... more or less.

Well, fuller truth to tell:
She's a lovely wolfgirl
With gauzy butterfly wings big as me.
Days, she lounges on divan,
Breathes in misty vistas and
Sketches, lapping cups of smoky tea.

Though I'm on staff and not a guest
of Hotel Dream, I swear to quest
Till I am lapping her as she laps me.

Little Nemo and the Dream Princess shelter from rain under a giant mushroom amid huge butterflies; 1906, Winsor McCay. Click to enlarge

A butterfly-wolf-girl drinks tea in our mushroom-hotel; dream painting by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


But then I woke alone. Doused by this waking world! Though it's not to blame; I am. I felt she was a soul-mate, but hesitated because I was staff at Hotel Dream. But am I ALWAYS on the job, serving others?

I know exactly what inspired that wolf-girl. I saw a followup to the old nature documentary Born Free, on Elsa the lioness, the first rewilded big cat. Turns out she never fully went wild; kept coming back to visit. Hunting's hard & hazardous, yes, but also... she just missed her friends. Nonhumans too long for vacations and friends to kick us out of the daily grind; to transcend the hard world we call "natural". And find intimations, timid spiral steps up toward that ideal, in us. Humanocentric though our civilization's been, the dream appeals to others too.

If lions all should be happiest in their "natural" habitat, shouldn't all humans go home too? Historically, that means an Ice Age cave and death at twenty.

You first.

Butterfly-wolf-girl; sketch of a dream by Wayan; click to enlarge
First sketch, sans tea. But as Gail Carriger says, there must always be tea!

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