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Comets struck my Girlfriend

Dreamed 1998/8/9; painted 1999, acrylic on 12" vinyl disk; by Chris Wayan.

I'm hugging my Designated Girlfriend. I like her and find her sexy so I don't really mind that we skipped the courtship phase, just got Chosen For Each Other.

I'm perched on the edge of a low stage, she's sitting a step below me; I massage her head and neck and upper back. Feels good. I'm supposed to proceed down her, ritually, kissing her everywhere. But I'm so dehydrated that my mouth's rubbery-dry; I'm afraid it won't feel sexy to her. I'm ashamed, feel inadequate. Can't I remember to drink enough fluids?

Then I notice a few dark spots 4-5 cm wide, angling down her shoulders, breasts and belly, in a diagonal line. They look just like craters/impact bruises from a comet-chain, like Shoemaker-Levy hitting Jupiter. They could be sunspots though. But I'm pretty sure they're in a straight line, so comet impacts are way more likely.

That means I'm kissing a planet. Oh, no, my girlfriend's a gas giant!

And so am I, I guess... No, I'm smaller, skinner, rockier, dryer. A Martian world.

I better drink more water. Mars didn't, and look what happened.

I dream my girlfriend's struck by a comet, but it's OK--she's a gas giant, not a rocky little dry world like me. Click to enlarge.


Is she a star or gas giant?:
Last night, I went to a karaoke bar. Two of the local stars were fat women. I was going to sing too, but I felt so much stage fright, my stomach got upset. I got gas. I bloated up till I could barely breathe--forget singing! I BECAME a gas giant! Now wait--it wasn't all from fear. I'd also eaten too much chard for dinner, while muttering "It's good for you!" Trying to force-feed myself health... just like I tried to force myself to face my fears, and sing.
Impact bruises: recent traumas!
On a gas giant, there are no craters, so only recent impacts show. But I'm no well-padded Jupiter: I'm as skinny as poor Mars, so the impacts of stress last quite a while, on me. I need to go easy. Less confrontation. A low-impact spiritual workout.
Drink fluids the next few days. I don't even notice when I'm dehydrated! And quit pushing myself so hard to face my fears. I risk an "impact" that won't just be a bruise or a blemish, but an extinction event. And extinct is forever, or hadn't you noticed?

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