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The Crystallizers

Dreamed 2014/11/21 by Wayan

I'm in an airport staffed by folk who
casually crystallize themselves into
faceted stones the size of my head,
for travel or storage; even desiccate
when lined up for customs, as they wait
for flights out. Quite polite, but they

Add water! They resprout into humanoid
folk full of calm cheer--since they avoid
our human tedia. An airport's an epitome
of boredom so deep as to deserve

A crystallizer sits. We talk. An entertain-
ing raconteur, for their childhoods train
them not to bore; listeners encyst. So
they're fun--at least as long as you're
not boring them. But in the end, poor
human, you're born to make & endure

So bring an epic novel for your
long flight through this galaxy mute:
the fire-opal footballs, diamond heads,
and asses of glass. Ignore that one
perverted slab of matte-gray slate.
No one annoys me. The sun can't set.
By dusk (hour five), I'd appreciate
Plane talk. Crave even bores. Anyone.
Durin's shining hoard! And yet...
No fun.

Huge jewels in plane-seats; dream image by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


The dream's right. Before mobile phones, travelers were trapped in the here and now, the space between. They had to interact with those awful places, those awful strangers! Now, facing tedium, they just crystallize--collapse into the flashing stained-glass colors of the liquid crystal interface of a phone. And are gone. In the name of comfort they lose all chance to learn.

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