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Dreamed Xmas 1988 by Chris Wayan

It's a clear, cold night. I'm walking in snowy, open woods. Moonless, but a brilliant star like Venus, high overhead, sheds just enough light to see.

I meet three friends traveling together: a centaur, a leonine man, and a doe, who becomes a doe-centauress at times. Her human torso, when she's a 'taur, is pregnant. She keeps slipping on ice, falling. The others help her up, WHOOPS she falls again. They all laugh, it's a running joke with them how even with four hooves she has no traction.

I think the doe-girl is sexy, and tag along with them a while. I even reach out and pet her haunches, shyly. She smiles but keeps on--says they're hurrying to an important event, following the light of that star.

I dream of a pregnant doe-centaur out on a frosty night.
Ahead, a steam train is chuffing through snowy woods at an angle to their path. They race the train: they must reach the crossing before it's blocked. They do, barely, risking their lives to leap across the locomotive's prow. "Gotta get there on time!" the lion-man yells to me.

On to a barn, bounding through drifts, breathless. "I think we made it," wheezes the centaur. Dream: Jesus returns as a deer-man.

The barn's full of people and creatures and in-betweens. "There you are" they say. "You got here before them."

The doe-girl doesn't even look around, just collapses on a straw-pile and says faintly, "I... I think I'm going into labor."

The humanfolk say "Hey, no, wait, this is Christmas, you're trying to upstage the Christ Child, he's gonna be born here tonight! You're just the Three Wise Ones, not Joseph and Mary!"

So that was the big event! They're here to give shamanic blessings to the birth of Jesus. Second birth, I guess.

So where ARE Joseph and Mary? The great star sinks to the west, and the doe's time arrives, and the holy ones have not come, as promised. The Three came all this way for nothing!

The the fawn slips out; an easy deer-birth. Well, not a fawn exactly; like the mother, the child looks rather human, and tends to shift from two legs to four and back: baby, fawn, centauroid blend...

I wonder who the father is. I wish I were--lovely child, lovely mother. But I never mated with her, even in thought. But someone did, Someone whose thoughts are living realities.

And, so, out of a deer, the Christ Child is born. Animal, human, and divine, in one handy package.

The humanfolk in the barn are still grumbling that she upstaged Mary by giving birth here--as if she could help it! They're still treating this as a mistake.

It's not. It's the Shamanic Nativity.

This time, God is getting it right.

She names her child Deer Jesus...

And merry Christmas to you, too.

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