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The Dildo Show

Dreamed 2010/1/24 by Wayan


My housemate Alder watches Have Gun, Will Travel, with Paladin, the archetypal white-knight cowboy. I peer in, watch a few minutes--all I can take. Paladin's in Mexico, where everyone overacts. Not even entertainingly bad. Like a high school play, with the added embarrassment that students may butcher the script, but it's a real play, real writing; this is typing. Typing by chimps.


I'm watching a TV comedy, The Dildo Show, about a family with a perpetual guest or maybe pet--a young bisexual man who wanders around nude and is everyone's sex toy. They play games, sometimes nasty games, around who'll get him. Yet somehow he's innocent of all that! Eye of the family storm.

Today's plot: Mom's about to go to the store. She toys idly with a huge, transparent weenie balloon, like an oversize dildo sparkling with glitter, anchored to Boytoy's crotch--like a figleaf comically failing to hide a (much smaller, ordinary) erection. Laugh track!

Her son comes in and also promptly grabs the balloon--competing with Mom? Will they pop it? Laugh track! The same exact laugh track.

Here comes Sis...

I'm afraid it's a one-joke series. "The Dildo Show," I think, "could get old fast." And, fortunately, I wake.


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