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Dreamed 1985/12/1 by Chris Wayan

I've been suffering a dream shortage lately. Can't remember much of anything. So tonight, I'm delighted to find myself flying through time and space. At last, the shortage is over! Or so I think, till I land... right in the courtyard of Spacetime Prison.

Two women prisoners are sitting on a bench, talking. I tell them my story, and they say "Oh, the shortage, yeah. Around here, it manifests as a lack of plastic wrap and glass." I look puzzled and one adds "We need that for suits to protect against the effects of spacetime hopping. Without them, we can't even dream beyond the here and now." Oh.

I sit with them on the bench, and talk about sex. The big tawny blonde with the rough face is called Big Bones. She reminds me of that woman in Under Milkwood who was never loved. She was jailed for being bisexual or lesbian--illegal here! I say "Get paroled and head for San Francisco; you can find love there. People's expectations of how you must look and act are wider there."

The other girl is strange: an adult the size of a child, not a dwarf but a perfect half-scale miniature, delicate, unearthly. She looks like a Victorian flower fairy. Quite aside from the fasicination miniatures always have, she's a stunning beauty. I blurt "If YOU'RE searching for love, you needn't look any further than this bench!" Then I feel stupid, think "she'll see me as a drooly pervert, think it's just a size thing..." I blush and add "I hope you're not offended. Am I addressing one of the Fair Folk?"

She says "Oh, no. I'm your ideal--your true love! I'm just small because of the shortages."

"The shortages?"

"Well, your dreams ran out of material to make characters from, halfway through me. I mean, Big Bones here took a lot..."

Shit! This dream shortage is getting serious!

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