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Dreamed 1995/1/20 by Chris Wayan

I'm in a broad field in the Sacramento Valley. I've come to see the Terror of California.

A crowd of Mexican laborers is enacting the ancient seasonal ritual. They have chosen and bedecked (with black ribbons) the Fearsome Beast.

Now they removed all the chains and let it free, as they all scramble for the fence, like the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. I'm standing by the gate to the field, which is open. The Beast ambles toward the gate, ignoring the men. I don't run--can't see why.

It's just an ass or mule, looking tired and puzzled.

It sidles up to me, blinks and sniffs... turns and trots out the gate.

The donkey wanders off; the men all follow at a safe distance yelling "Peliiiiiigro! El Aaaaasno!"

The Terror of California.


El Asno = Ed Asner! He recently spoke up against US-sponsored genocide in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and was promptly dropped as head of the Screen Actors Guild. Speak up and you're a Fearsome Beast--that is, if you're a Democratic donkey. Raving liberals! Run!

On the other hand, hack actors who push the usual gun-nut war-biz agenda are, of course, perfectly normal people.

In fact... presidential.

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