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Eye of Tooth,
The Score

Dreamed 2014/1/28 by Wayan

Cafe tables in a courtyard. At one end, a corral. Music-stand
fenceposts, cello strings for wire. Orchestra penned. No-go.
But I need to read one music score. Near a century old, for
it's a diary too: Pancho Villa, that border rebel after World War
One. He left me a coded crosstime message; for we both are
time-agents for the Revolution. Work in concert. Gotta know
the score!

The players take five, but alarm their fence. How can...
Aha! The stands jam into cobblestone-gaps. Wiggle a stand-
foot (mind that high-strung head!) till it loosens. Next. Next. Four
drunks in a row. The line sags slow. Three hoppable grins.


But a stranger jumps my slumps! Nureyev leap. He grabs
another score. But Maestro strides in through an arch and nabs
the jumper. While Conductor ex-scoriates him (sorry!), I sneak
over to my goal, and swipe old Pancho's journal! Peek
at the faded page: song-lyrics speaking to his wife.

Code, yes!

He urges her "To heal, put the herb in an Ojo de Diente."
Not Dios. Diente. For sure, the code I sought! And then
Logic blunders in to ask "meaning WHAT?" I flounder ashore
in sheets, secret-urged "An Eye of Tooth will be your cure."
A what of what? And it's a key to the Revolution we

long for!

Long for success. Code, yes! The score.
Long for. Long for. The score.


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