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Four Dragons

Dreamed 2009/11/24 by "Rasselon"
Rasselon's Dreamlog:

I was leading a large group of soldiers (more like militia) through the hostile city on the south side of the lake (they attack small parties that move through their territory). This is a world I've dreamed a number of times before. The group I was with was from the city on the north side of the lake which has always been neutral or helpful to me before. To the east of the cities, across the middle of the lake are two bridges. I've never seen any vehicles or modern weaponry, only people on foot, swords, bows and arrows, small wooden boats. There is a small town to the southeast that I seem to always be going to and cutting through the hostile city or going around on the north and south side to get there. I have no idea why I don't use the bridge, though I do remember walking across it once. (I rarely dream of fighting and when I do it's always been defensive)

While moving above ground in the middle of the hostile city. I became aware that four dragons had appeared in the sky to the east beyond the bridges. I immediately and without thought turn into a blue dragon and fly toward them. They had appeared in a line with some distance between them which made it easy for me to engage them one at a time. A childhood friend who was with me also turned into a blue dragon and followed me. (I suspect this was actually a familiar grey/inorganic being.)

We faced a dark green, two reds and a huge dirty-looking gold who was in the rear. I never closed to melee with the dragons but when I was about 700 to 1000 feet from them, I created weapons out of thin air in the space between us that attacked them.

For the green, I created a dozen human-sized cone-shaped stone darts that flew into it, shredding it. It simply disintegrated (all the dragons did, if hit. No blood.)

For the reds I created a disk-shaped object, like a mine, that fired thick red laser beams into them.

As I finished off the second red, the gold was on top of me and I had to dodge to avoid being caught. I was forced to land on the middle of the stone bridge and push off to get some distance from it. I felt a huge strain in my legs as I pushed off as hard as I could. This damaged the bridge, scattering stones; I don't know if I hurt anyone, but I remember seeing several small dark specks on it (people) when I was higher up. I felt some regret doing this, but I saw no choice.

As I kicked off the bridge, the other blue grappled with the gold, buying me time to get far enough away to turn and create a ballistic missile. As it flew at the gold, there was no exhaust, and when it hit, there was no explosion. The gold just disintegrated.

I feel concerned that the other blue might have been injured by my attack, but I wake up.

I'm lying in bed but my room is not visible, all around is nothing but blackness. Some guy is leaning over me, touching my luminosity with his [energy surrounding his body]. What I can see of mine is white, while his is almost invisible. Looks like a thin white chalkline around where the edge of his would be and maybe (I'm not sure) a very faint orange-brown tint to the blackness between him and the outer line. I wake up. Go immediately back to sleep and dream again the same guy is leaning over me touching my luminosity. There are no feelings of malice only neutrality. I wake up instantly and go write this up.




I wonder if those cities are different states of consciousness? I'm not sure which would be waking and which dreaming, but these constant dreamtrips between cities then make sense. The hostile town that tries to block journeys between others might be a city of habit or programming of some kind that dislikes change. The shortcut over the lake, the bridge, may be vulnerable to attack; Rasselon can clearly handle dragons but there may be other forces that can crack stone...

One character Rasselon says nothing about: beneath all this high drama, there's the lake, in the middle of it all. What's that? The fluid reality outside our limited mind-sets?

--Chris Wayan--

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