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16-color digital drawing 1990/11/30 (revised May 1992, shaded 2001) by Chris Wayan.

The words are tiny now (back when I wrote them, screens were low-resolution and pixels big and coarse). They say:

"I want to live in a group marriage with talking animals as well as conventional humans. This isn't an idle sex fantasy. It'll happen within my lifetime. We'll share this world with other species. And love will be quite different."

A leopard, a vixen, a white stallion and a human woman make love under the moon; image by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Then, this seemed bizarre. Now it looks likely. Soon we'll see humans changing form--sculpting themselves--with viral programs, and creating animal people with human intelligence but nonhuman instincts. I'm curious how much of "human" "nature" is really big-brain nature, and how much is just ape-nature. Not the only sort of nature on this planet.

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