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Dreamed 1995/10/12 by Chris Wayan
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Franchise, page 1: a dream-comic by Wayan. I'm the first woman to be Baseball Commissioner. Teams cross the desert to my Ivory Tower, begging for a franchise.
Franchise, page 2: a dream-comic by Wayan. A baseball team of monsters begs me for a franchise.
Franchise, page 3: a dream-comic by Wayan. The monster ballplayers fight over the name of their team. Uncle Bee, a shapeshifter, gropes my leg.
Franchise, page 4: a dream-comic by Wayan. I lose my temper and flash the monsters, shutting them up. But they won't get a franchise til they learn to cooperate.


Pretty clear! My inner selves still routinely fight, and don't take it too seriously, because they have no experience with cooperation. Long as it's not civil war, why worry? So now that they keep the mayhem limited, they think they're a team. But I can't play pro ball (function as a true adult) till they learn to work together. And they barely know what that means. As High Commissioner, I have to spell it out--and enforce it. Even if it means I don't get to play as soon as I'd like.

2000 NOTE

Years before Ellen De Generes ignited a fundamentalist firestorm, Babylon-5 showed this lesbian couple routinely, with no public outrage...

MORAL: fundies don't watch science fiction, so go ahead and say what you like--no one will notice. We'll see if it's true of shamanic websites, too.

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