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Frogwoman March

Dreamed 2000/11/26 by Chris Wayan
for the million men who marched
and women who dive in

Frogwomen protest in San Francisco; dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge. I dream I'm biking up a San Francisco hill
Near the gold-lamé boob of City Hall. O
Drag Queen of Cities! An imposing erection.
Puffing, I ponder the election--Gore & Bush
both lost & won. But Double You will push
the ante up to civil war. I doubt Gore will:
Al's genteel, for good or ill.
    Out of the mud we crawl.

Then two slender women catch my eye
as they waddle penguin-clumsy by,
feet black-flippered. They sport high-cut
red maillot swimsuits. Strong caramel legs
of divers. Glass masks uptilted in their
salted sunbleached spindrift taffy hair.
Look like mom and daughter. On their backs,
massive lemonyellow scuba tanks,
like futurist papeese. Or hatching dino eggs.
    Out of the mud we crawl.

I heard it weeks ago, but forgot it was today:
The Frogwomen passing through on their way
to the Capital. A million divers plan to march
the Mall--in scuba regalia--to demand
drill-bans, fish-quotas, reef-parks and
less sexist diveshops! Surfdudes loudly ogle
but go blind-deaf when asked advice on merch.
    Out of the mud we crawl.

I watch these overburdened turtles struggle
Down to snorkel rendezvous past the church.
Sexy, dorky, noble--all in one! Such humble
lungfish-stumbles move me oddly: they model
progress real: step wiggle, flap-flop waddle.
    Out of the mud we crawl.

Frog Women March logo; dream sketch by Wayan.



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