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Fuck California!

Dreamed 2004/10/15 by Wayan

I'm so turned on in public, get so hot,
I start to hump a mysterious sailish

a rounded wedge, girl-long,
fabric rolled, flattened, like
a cream

filled pastry. Unfurled, a giant's map,
with California curled along the inmost

the fold I'm thrusting in. Am I try-
ing to fuck the State of California? So I

I try to have sex with a map of California! Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.



Yes, lots of farm-state wits will say
my dream means "Fuck California!" But I
like it here--where (unlike the plains) soci-
ety (often) works. Perhaps it means I love my...
state. Of being. The dream sure tries to portray
my love in a graphic, novel, comic way.

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