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The Giant

Dreamed by Jim Shaw, c.1994.

A little man is attacking the genitals of a giant, tying the testicles in a knot, then slashing his legs & buttocks with a knife.

Once viewed from underneath, an outside view follows: the giant, unmoved by the attacks as he rests half in and half out of the sea.

A little man attacks a lounging giant's genitals and thigh. Dream sketch by Jim Shaw. Click to enlarge.

SOURCE: Jim Shaw's Dreams, Jan. 1995, Smart Art Press. Dreamed 1987-95, probably 1994.


Shaw's dreams are mostly funny--full of goofy images and art. Not here--no art, no humor. Little guy attacks big guy who doesn't even notice. But is this psychological, about a side of Shaw's own psyche that won't listen, that's enraged a suppressed part? Or is this about society somehow? Our crass leaders, our callous rich? I'd point out that if either or both figures were women or black, most of us would suspect it's about gender or race. So why assume these guys are neutral? Maybe it's simply about how men hurt men--or how big men don't feel the rage of the little guy.

--Chris Wayan

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