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Giant's Hands

Dreamed 1981/12/23 by Wayan


My friend Beryl has a Christmas party. People talk of Carlos Castaneda's books--how seeing your hands in a dream can trigger lucidity. Yeah, but for what purpose? To take control of your dreams? To suppress unpleasant truths even while asleep?


Boom! Boom! The great green hands drum down
on the moonlit road. On my left, one fist pounds
a lane, then a truck-masher slams to my right. I'm
eerily calm for one in doom-radius. Caught between.

The reason is: this King Kong is me. I passively ride
in Gargantua's placid mind. We together stride
up the road. We follow orders. There's my green
whalesize foot. Freeway snaking up through low
wooded hills. Tramp up to a pass. Ahead, see San

Francisco. Our foray's goal! My job's to smash
the City flat, expunge this human infestation.

I've been equipped with a sense of smell so subtle
that though my very nostril's a cathedral
I can (in this cool sea air) scent a single
cellared human under many pancaked floors.

Fee, Fie, Fo, Fum! Not quite fairytale, but I'm
a fine foe-hunter. And at my Titan-scale

A giant silhouetted, looking at the skyline of San Francisco. Dream sketch by Wayan

the whole city's barely three strides wide. I
demolish downtown, worrying loose the silver
waist-high towers--each set aside, on a side,
to after-flatten. Next I mash the hill-tracts, like
crunching cuboid snails unwelcome in the vegs,
then wrestle down those smugly grinning bridges.

All the while I'm twinly aware. Dimly scent fear
from those fleeing monster me--and I ride,
raft the lazy bayous of his idle thought.
For to him this city-smash is naught, no more
than my stomp-flat of outbound cardboard,
Monday morns. Mundane. Apocalypse as chore.


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