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Dreamed 1981/6/2 by Chris Wayan

Sepia sketch of a dream-character: a Cat-Eating Hawk, a big-headed, intelligent species too ethical to really eat cats! Pose after a drawing by cartoonist Lela Dowling. Click to enlarge.

I'm a hawk, but my best friend is a cat. We can change to other creatures, and use this gift often, but we always relax in our own shapes--hawk and cat.

We're pursued by a deadly stalker, and must work together to escape.

Our efforts are hampered by the fact my friend fears me. You see, I'm a rare species of hawk whose natural prey is... cats! My friend's most nervous around me when we're in our default forms--it reminds her--though I'd never hurt her, let alone see her as food.

We hide in a strip of jungle, between parallel roads or pipelines. Stalking us is the deadliest predator in the world. I hate even to name it: shrimp sauce.

Do you not shake as you read it, my friends? Yes, we were stalked by shrimp sauce itself!
Sepia sketch of a dream-character: a  bushy-tailed cat reared upright, looking over her shoulder. Pose from a drawing by cartoonist Lela Dowling. Click to enlarge.

Symbolic? Of course it's symbolic! Of what? Obligation. All those parties you have to go to with inedible shrimp dip and intolerable people whose auras are fouler and staler than the dip. Oh, the horror!

Stuck in shrimp dip means feeling socially obliged--the worst thing of all to wild, free creatures like cats and hawks.

Compared to the terror of shrimp dip, our biological tensions are nothing. Nothing!


Here's where I explain it all away, yes?

No. I don't get it either.

Only two things are clear:
  1. I can trust myself not to use my friends, despite temptation, for I'm just too soft-hearted--or loyal, if you want a sterner word. BUT...
  2. I better not try being too social anytime soon. Like, this century! I'm dipophobic... to the max.

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