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He Remarried

Intuitive flash, 1907, by an Iowa divorcee, as reported to the Rhine Institute

In 1907, a college student (who is a man in Seattle now) was on vacation at his home in Iowa when he witnessed an experience of his mother's, which he says was so unforgettable that in all the years since it still stands out. He explains:

"My parents had been divorced in 1905. To my mother it was a matter of shame and sorrow--divorce being deemed a defeat. While both parents had frequently written to me off in school, they had not corresponded with each other. When with one of them, I never mentioned the other--I had early learned not to do so.

"Seated chatting with my mother that day, I saw her face take on a sudden expression of astonishment--possibly agony. I exclaimed, 'Mother, what's wrong?'

"She replied, 'Your father is getting married.'

"I laughed. 'Impossible. He would have told me. I had a letter from him only a few days before I came here.'

"But no assurance from me could change her complete conviction that at that moment my father was remarrying. In contrast, I continued to be convinced that he would have advised me in advance, my relation to him being very close and our letters very intimate.

"However, in due course I received a letter from my father telling me of his marriage. The marriage had taken place in New York on the evening of the day my mother and I were visiting in Iowa."

Dreams, whether realistic or unrealistic, leave some thing of a mental picture in memory. Hallucinations have the vividness of sense experience. But ESP intuitions have none of this. The experience conveys an idea or impression of which the person simply becomes aware, without any obvious reason for knowing... This form of ESP experience is a particularly difficult one to make convincing to other people...

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 65. Account untitled, author's name witheld; title & byline added to aid searching & indexing.

--Chris Wayan

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