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Horses of the Aquarius

Recurring dreams, 1956-1958 (age 2-3); poem 1972 (age 17), drawn 1982 (age 28); by Chris Wayan

Horses fly on the desert like
Greycloud geese
Like windborne news
Witnessing the dust--

Dustplumes, our trailing tails.
We start to char and sweat
In the Slickrock oven lands
As you would too. So

Let's go!
The Aquarius Plateau
Watercolor woods
(Aspens by Rousseau)

Here we are unicorns.
Crossing the stream
Walk on water.

Our fetlocks whip vapor trails.
Hooves on orange sand, submerged
In squirming crystal.

Colt in desert; a dreamself-portrait by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Unicorn at riverbank; a dreamself-portrait by Wayan.


My earliest memory is of being a horse living not far from a red rock formation I later learned was Shiprock on the Navaho Reservation. For several years I led two alternating lives: a child in suburbia who had a recurring dream he was a wild horse in the high desert near Four Corners who had a recurring dream he was a small human child...

The Slickrock is part of the Colorado River canyonlands.

The Aquarius Plateau is a green sky-island in Utah, snowy in winter but heaven in summer. If you're a horse. Or a certain sort of human.

When I visited the Southwest on two legs, age 17, I spent a month in constant déjà vu.

About being a horse.

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