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Dreamed 1981/5/8 by Chris Wayan

I'm sitting in a restaurant-bar as the evening's band comes onstage. Two are naked and the other two topless. I expected an all-woman group, but I didn't expect them to feel they had to prove it.

One of the naked women is nearly as tall as I am. But she looks like a huge child--slender build, no pubic hair, no breasts. Despite this, as she dances near me, her bare, exposed, sweat-wet labia look so sexy that I get a visible erection. Suddenly I feel scared, expect to be bounced for it! Try to talk my penis back down... never an easy business, and impossible with a slippery pussy pumping right in my face.

Then the band starts to sing--and the tall girl is a man! At least a man's voice, quite deep in fact, a growling gut-bucket of a bass. Yet the singer still looks like an unmistakably pre-teen girl to me. I'm totally bewildered. Male, female, child, adult?

During the break, the bandleader refers to the mystery girl as "him." And I think... "Wow, they got to me! Lots of bands capitalize on sex, and even on drag, and gender-fucking. But THIS band seems to be capitalizing on... um... bewilderment."


Today I learned an acquaintance is making good money in an all-woman band. Not crossdressing or genderfucking their audience, though. But I can't think of any other source of this dream! Mysterious.

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