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Dreamed 2004/4/4 by Larry Vigon

David and I were at my house. We were walking down the hallway from the livingroom towards the bedroom when a hummingbird landed on my sleeve. When I tried to catch it the bird flew into my hair. David said, "Here, let me get it, you don't want a hummingbird in your hair." I said, "No I don't mind." Then the hummingbird started to peck at my scalp and I laughed.

I went into the guest bedroom to look into a mirror. I removed the brid from my hair and held it in my right hand; it was beautiful. I let the bird go, but instead of flying away it flew into the sunglasses I was wearing. Once again I held the hummingbird in my hand but this time I took it outside before I let it go.

Hand and hummingbird; image of a dream by Larry Vigon.

The following Wednesday I found a hummingbird nest on my patio. It had been blown out of a tree.

The next Saturday I found this hummingbird on another part of the patio. It had flown into a window.

Source: Larry Vigon's book Dream, 2006. Unpaged, dreams untitled. This is the last dream in the book.

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