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I Turned Off Jesus

Dreamed 2011/2/18 by "Chris Baker"

Photo of Earth with flames rising from its northern hemisphere.

I was playing Wii Mario Kart, as I often do in reality, except in my dream I was inside the game--I was watching from a point above, as the game would be displayed on a screen--and I knew the other players were my family members although they appeared as the usual Nintendo characters.

Parts of the level we were racing was like "Bowser's Castle," but then I went through a completely dark section, bumping into walls. The only thing I could see was a basketball-sized planet Earth burning: still blue and green, but with orange flames licking from its middle to above it.

I made it through the dark section and (I think) won the level. It was supposed to be the end of the 4-race cup, but the introduction sequence to another level began. Instead of the usual panorama of the map, Jesus started speaking from the crucifix! However, my mind didn't comprehend what was going on, and I shut off the Wii console because I didn't want to play anymore!


--Chris Baker


I make similar mistakes in dreams all the time--habit and reflex are powerful! But I've come to suspect blown opportunities like this aren't accidents or failures, but part of the dream's message--signal, not noise. The dream might be warning you "Sticking Jesus on your phone won't help much if you unthinkingly turn off your inner voice!" And that inner voice is associated not with earnest world-saving but with play...

--Chris Wayan

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