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My dream self (an archeologist) seen nude from the back as I embrace a huge white wolf-man, who holds me tenderly. Life Mates

Dreamed 2003/4/19? by Wolf Nymph (Katie Hofgard)


I was an archeologist exploring a site where a great creator once lived. She was an artist, an alchemist, a scientist, you name it. She knew every kind of science, magic and art.

She created a white wolf like this one to keep her company. She and the wolf became best friends, and (I can't be sure, but I think) lovers, too.

I the archeologist was the reincarnation of this creator, and my presence brought the white wolf back to life.

I remembered him, he remembered me, and we embraced. His fur was so soft--like rabbit's, but thicker. And his smooth black claws, made for killing, wrapped gently around me as if to protect me.

*sigh* fuzzy!

Ah, I adore this picture, even though it is very simple...



I'm hoping to persuade Katie to go back and see if she kept any more detailed notes of this wonderful dream...

--Chris Wayan

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