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Miriel Interruptus

Dreamed 1978/9/5 by Chris Wayan and 1978/9/6 by Miriel

Digital sketch of a dream by Wayan; two women drive a tiny car right into a kitchen, startling two lovers embracing by the stove.


I'm reading a Playboy magazine in my family's house. I find a startling article or picture--I don't remember quite what now, but it was important to me. The dream actually started at this point, in midstream so to speak, but I remembered reading a long time before--hunting for this?

My sister Miriel is in the house. I go to the kitchen and find her and tell her what I found. I'm turned on by it. I hug her from behind. She likes it; I snuggle up tight against her and clasp her tight. I feel hot and excited, I'm getting an erection and I know she feels it. She snuggles tighter. But then...

A tiny car drives into the house and parks on the linoleum a meter away from us. Yes, in the kitchen! The door pops open and two of Miriel's girl friends climb out. I don't know them. They chat.

I feel awkward. See myself as big, older, a guy intruding on their girl-bonding thing...

2012 NOTES


I started to have sex with a boy from our high school choir. But then my friends Ariane and Crista came in. I was annoyed to be interrupted...


Yes, we tell each other embarrassing erotic dreams. No, We're not comfortable talking of incest urges and public sex, but we do--when the dreams seem mixed with ESP, as here. We're not a very private family. How can we be? When your dreamlife is parallel, it's hard to draw boundaries.

I did have SOME sense of privacy. My 1978 journal's a hard-to-read mix of English, Chinese and private abbreviations, so outsiders couldn't snoop. I'm telling you this, yes--thirty years later.

When Erica told me her dream ten days later, I thought of a Malay pantun I'd recently read, and copied it into my journal. Next to it I wrote an English translation, though not IN English, no, that'd be too simple--it's written in Elvish/Westron script, from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. But that's no problem transliterating--I grew up reading that.

Malam ini malam jema'at
Pasang lilin di-atas petí.
Tepok bantal, panggil semangat,
Supaya bertemu dalam mimpí.
This night, sabbath night,
Light candles atop chest.
Caress pillow, call soul,
So (we'll) meet inside dreams.

No, it's the journal entries in bad Chinese with Cyrillic intrusions that are hard to decipher now--like the dreams. But though I might wish those dream-notes were easier and more detailed, they're basically unambiguous. Despite the discrepancies--in Miriel's dream it's a boy from choir class and Ariane and Crista were my friends too, while in my dream I'm Miriel's lover and the friends are strangers to me--still, I have no doubt these were parallel dreams.

Given the one-night delay, I assume Miriel picked up my surreal incestuous dream and toned it down a little. But such dream-echoes haven't been rare, over the years, between me and both my sisters, and just as often the timing suggests a dream-issue spills from them to me.

Are such low-grade/uncertain telepathic dreams common or rare? Evidence either way is scant. Because if you don't face your discomfort and tell your embarrassing dreams (and most folks don't) you'll never know.

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