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The Moneybird

Dreamed 2005/3/18 by Wayan

The Palo Alto BART station, late at night.
A gentle madman, broom-thin, sweeps tile
round the white bird nesting atop that stone
turnstile. A green weave. Leaves? No, cash!
Some counterfeit--mere ads meant not
to pass. "Queer as a thirty." But not all fake!
The crazy hums a song. He won't partake
of the treasure curled round the podium foot.
He won't, so I don't. But oh, I'm so
tempted. Mere paper to the bird, & I'm so
broken. Why? Why heed a fool's integrity
antique? Yet I too sweep

stray bills back to the motherbird stash!
A trustee guilt. Appease my obsolete
conscience. Yet I copped no free
moolah, just considered. Ain't this gilt trip
silly even for me?

Two couples ride down an escalator to our
cavernest, bantering the film they saw and
the danceclub they soon will. But now,
between, they face but a mad bird, a mad
sweeper and me. Look away--three stray
beasts. Lost in transit. Beggars in their land:
birds out of hand.

Forsaking all right to the trove of green,
I've married that ancient monkish broom;
but in an age of scorn. It simply isn't done.
I nest in feathery bills, and slip to sleep;
await the sun.

A bird nesting in a subway station on a turnstile; her nest is made of money. Dream image by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

NOTES IN THE MORNING A bird nesting in a subway station on a turnstile; her nest is made of money. Dream image by Wayan.

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