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Monsters from my Soup

Dreame 2010/9/30 by Cyberwebspace

I am eating some soup, but as I reach the bottom of the soup bowl I see three creatures: a small tyrannosaurus rex, a dragon and a spider.

I kill the spider with my spoon, and leave the soup with the other two creatures.

I'm then in my back garden digging when I hit something hard. This huge T-rex head appears, but I cut it off with my spade.

While digging further, a head of a serpent appears, seems to be my dragon! I cut off its head with a spoon (which I am now using to dig instead of the spade).

However, the serpent now has multiple heads which start appearing and biting my legs and testicles, at which point I awake.


I guess this is a nightmare about monsters coming to get me ;-)



--Chris Wayan

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