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My Pet Monster

Dreamed 2005/5/17? by Wolf Nymph (Katie Hofgard)


One night I watched the entire animated Star Wars series, with the neat cat people...


I dreamed I was something a lot like this. I had a cool staff, and a cool robe, but then my sister sold me to the Devil as a bride...

I dream I'm a sexy quadrupedal creature with a human face breasts and torso, but spotted flanks, a long spiky tail, pointed ears, and industrial-strength claws fore and aft.


This version is so sexy I really wondered how the original could be any hotter. What was so shocking? I've been begging Katie for the original version, along with the full story of the dream. But purely aside from her strong feelings about this dream, she's been busy--check her site and you'll see what I mean. But I still hope...

Katie's not wrestling alone with this issue of how much to say, how much to show. I'm intrigued by the difference between the public and private faces of our dreams. It's not just artists--a lot of writers do this too, "base" stories on their dreams, but alter awkward, too-personal bits, even hide the fact they ARE dreams... Informational strip-tease!

It's an awkward dance of the veils, sometimes. And the balance can change. A while back I got tired of the game. I made the decision to go public with everything on this site, hide nothing, say and draw exactly what I meant. That'd be safe in a perfect world, but we ain't living in one of those. It was a real risk, and still makes me nervous now and then. And yet... O, the energy I get from dropping all the masks! And what wonderfully strange friends I've gained!

OK, OK, I do get occasional snotty reviews from guys (funny, it's always guys) who just find me nuts. But it's been worth it so far. There's always the DELETE key... though now and then in the so-called real world I've guiltily longed for a DELETE--or at least a backspace. "Ooh, did my mouth really say THAT? Wipe the whole conversation and start clean!"

But even backspacing wouldn't always work. I really don't think a fresh start will help much with a sister who sells you to the devil. I swear, some folks are just spam...

--Chris Wayan

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