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New Brighton Murder

Dreamed 1912/12/20 by Annie Howie Mudie

In the year 1912 my friend Margaret Strachan and I were joint Principals of New Brighton High School near Birkenhead. At the end of the Christmas term about December 20th we happened to be sharing a bedroom. In the morning when I awoke I said to her:

"I have just had a most vivid dream, I thought someone came to me and said, 'There has been a murder in the Victoria Hotel and the murderer slept in your house.' "
Now the Victoria Hotel, New Brighton was directly opposite our school house.

As we were then planning to go off on holiday and shut up the house I felt somewhat perturbed. Some three weeks later, while we were together at Eastbourne, Miss Strachan came into my room one morning with the New Brighton local paper in her hand. She exclaimed "Here is the explanation of your dream."

There, in the paper, was the account of the shooting of a maid employed at the Victoria Hotel, New Brighton--by her sweetheart who afterwards shot himself.

The girl's brother gave evidence at the inquest that the murderer had said he would shoot her because she had given him up. The point is that the murder was premeditated. Now did my subconscious mind contact the mind of the culprit when he was planning to kill the girl?

The shooting did not actually take place in the hotel itself but on the sandhills just below.

My dream at least foretold (a) a murder, (b) associated with the Victoria Hotel, and there is just the possibility that the murderer found shelter somewhere around our house as he was watching for the girl to come out.

--Annie Howie Mudie and Margaret Strachan
The Wallasey News of January 8th, 1913, reported the murder, which occurred on January 6th. From this it appears that the girl's name was Ruby Jones and she was a barmaid at the Hotel Victoria. The man's name was Harold Foster Farrar. They were found on the shore at New Brighton. The man had shot the girl and then himself.
--Dame Edith Lyttelton
Source: Some Cases of Prediction by Dame Edith Lyttelton (1937); p.54-56

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