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Nouveau Barbie Bods

by Patagia (Patagia), 2012/12/22
for Chris Wayan of Bernal Hill, San Francisco

Blaze bitch beckon beam
Likeable       Unalike
like: Praying Centaur Barbie

Palomino Antelope
Gesticulating Zebra
Muscled herded     beatific Barbies
dreamsped airborne angle-legged

Sensual yearning Barbies GALORE
Freed from mannequin-stilted past-lives--
Abandoned in thrift stores

Nouveau starlet odd rowdy Barbies
YES       Himself       Odalisque Kentaur -
Boy-man beacon of halcyon charm
Longing for Barbie in his too-smooth arms
(Some things don't change)

Finger-light questing raccoon high kicker
Blondie barky Barbie       Babe with fin
Bountiful Redhead stoned twisted slim
Broad-bosomed Barbie       leering unicorn
Tiger       Orca
Winged       stretched       torqued

the All-Barbie Centaur Dance Ensemble, a sculpture-group made of altered Barbies, by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Giraffe       aboveitall       languid loopy Barbie
Long-tongued lizard loud-mouthed Barbie
Cloud leopard Barbie       purrs mystic purrs
Tail high       wide-pawed       leaps snow-bound
Hark! A wild white fox Barbie      
curled laughing proudly crowned

Tentacle waver Octopus Barbie
Poofy-haired Darling       hippie poodle Barbie

Tail-balanced rearing femme horse aquiver
Breasted Brat Barbie       Androgenous hoard
Chopstick-boned Barbies       ALL deliver

Barbie frag ments b roke rent spack led
Goatlike HIDEOUS luminous snarly
Flirty array of pubic parts
Curved couched spread       sly stop-starts
Horns webs hooves       claws teeth manes
Quick emergent brilliant brains

Con Glom er a tion CREATURES
Tantra-lizing features...
Watch her furry family fill
their otherworldly fantasy bill:
Braved and birthed     by wizard's will

'Suplica', a sculpture of a centauroid dancer made of altered Barbies, by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

--Patagia, San Francisco, winter solstice, 2012/12/22


This sculpture group, partly dream-inspired and partly just perverse Barbie play, can now be seen as a whole under the title The Cendancers.

--Chris Wayan

Centaur Barbies

dolls, acrylic, nails, epoxy

Aifelle in The Coming Dark


Ariel in Coral Dream

Bergia in Rain is Sky-Grass

Dlana in Snuggle Up...

Filia in Kelp Gets me Wet

Flora in I Built Mtns



Kentaur in Red Hot Desert


Lina in O Wanderer

Lotora in Ruby as big as...


Proni in Mirrormate



Spira in Microgravities

Storia in News from Tasa, Probably

Suplica in Balance of Light &...


Centaurs (Pre-Barbie)

acrylic, Fimo, Paperclay, wood, wire

Parda auditioning

Dzoa in As Leaves Turn

Pina in Moonrise



Chimera Barbies

leftover doll bits, found objects







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