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Dreamed 1982/7/10 by Chris Wayan

Colors grayed down.
Dad drives us round
this hollow town.
All fled? No, there's one:
child sails a windup bird.
Footsteps tock. No man.

Stone, dust, stucco
stage-lit. Brown dark
beyond our little radius,
creepy as Chirico.
Courtyards. Flooded
streets. Dead ends.
Dad hunts a friend
who lives at number 28
on 32nd Street. But

all the signs are passions!
Joy, Fear, Rage, Sorrow,
and they change. Just follow
Rage Road. Turns to Giggle.
Envy Avenue becomes
Terror Terrace, then becomes
Boredom Boulevard becomes
Joy Way. In name. But real?

Route detoured against our will.
Devious town, this Passionville.

'Mystery and Melancholy of a Street' painted by Giorgio de Chirico, 1914. Click to enlarge.

Painting: 'Mystery and Melancholy of a Street' by surrealist Giorgio de Chirico, 1914.

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