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A Pegasus-Dragon Scripts My Life

Dreamed 2017/12/4 by Wayan

I'm watching dream TV. Find that classic show
The Life of Wayan. Back when, I never read
the credits. This time I note: half these names
aren't human. The writers are two--

Fraternal twins, whose parents surely were
pegasus and dragon. How'd they even mate?
Equally unsettling metaphysically,
for the Nightmare's... me.

That is, I, a pegamare with dragonclaws
wrote, drew, animated flesh and bone--
a comic human who now dreams and draws
his creator. His soul. Cartoon.

Baffling how she, how art, can be true me;
my flesh mere... animation. Yet the show
credits her as fount. The face I know
is only Nightmare's... flow.

A female pegasus/dragon hybrid draws day-me as I draw her. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.



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