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Dreamed 1984/11/14 by Chris Wayan

I'm in a Hawaiian jungle, packing for a trip. Packing with actor Gregory Peck. Through gaps in the the canopy, I peek out across a wide plain to the horizon where I can see... Pike's Peak.

I keep muttering "Pack, Peck, Peek, Pike, Peak..." but just can't make any sense of it all.

Then Gregory Peck goes crazy again--nothing new. He does it all the time, you know. So I fight Peck and tie him up and leave him under a mango tree to calm down.

Hike alone and naked along the ancient aqueduct through the forest, ignoring the tourists, until at last, high in the lava rocks, I find a cairn of stones. My cache! I unearth my journal. Water damage? No--high and dry!

Good to have my dreams back. I sit in the warm green shade, happily reading my own dream-journals inside a dream... until then wake.


Write the dream in my current journal.

Off to work. It's my first day back at the Stanford Library, after a two-week Hawaiian vacation. I keep wondering what that pun-filled dream meant. I did pack in Hawaii and flew home yesterday, but I wouldn't even recognize Gregory Peck, and I've never visited Pike's Peak. Pack, peck, peek, pike, peak...

I have to file a large pack of cards in the catalog. Blink as I realize I've been given a cardpack in the P's today. Like... no! It can't be. No way. But it is. Here are the cards for it.

Stanford Library just purchased the journal of Zebulon Pike. The man who named Pike's Peak.

I guess it was just... in the cards.


After decades of dreamwork, I've had a good thousand apparently psychic dreams; these days, I'm stalking even more exotic sorts. One is the self-flagging dream: the dream that mentions lucid dreaming, prompting you to go lucid; the predictive dream that mentions predictive dreams...

Pike's Journal is certainly predictive--Pike and his famous Peak--but it isn't self-flagging. Or is it? All those extra "p--k" puns just to be heavyhanded, and then the emphasis on a treasured journal of dreams... it does seem to be prompting me to write the dream down before biking to work. I still don't think it quite makes the list. But close.

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