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Rabbit-Eared Doe

Dreamed 2008/4/29 by Wayan


A good day. Cheryl, who's been telling my friends I'm a jerk, left me alone. And Emily emailed me after a long hiatus. She's OK, not mad at me, just tired and guilty because, like me, she dropped Cheryl--just couldn't take any more. Write Em a long answer.

Paint my Pegatauress sculpture, and work on another: a Wolf Dancer. Carve and build up spackle...

Centauress with blue wings; dream sculpture by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Wolf-girl gesturing; freestanding dream sculpture by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Wolf Dancer
Evening: read Nina Kiriki Hoffman's Spirits that Walk in Shadow. Shaina, an emotion-eating viri, got addicted to (human) Kim's depression, but loved her too. Tried to leave Kim, couldn't; so Shaina drew her out, encouraged her art, tried to feed off her happiness instead. Both love and parasitism, both help and harm. Human hunter mates with Rabbit-Eared Doe. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


I'm in a hallway with life-size statues. A naked human hunter with feathers, and a Rabbit-Eared Doe--ears two feet long!

They move. Come alive. He pounces on her, pulls those ears like handles, forcing her to rear, rampant, heraldic. But he's behind her, hips grinding tight against her hindquarters. Naked. Wait, are they... fucking?

If so, this pulling her ears so hard troubles me. And yet, no matter how it looks... surely it's an improvement over what Stone Age hunters used to do--kill such a doe and eat her flesh. Which still was less creepy than those modern he-men who'd kill her for boasting rights--just to hang her severed head on a wall.

And I'm not sure from her expression if it is abuse. This is the commonest sexual position for Rabbit-Eared Deer--a buck mounts a doe by catching a long rabbit-ear in his mouth and hanging on! Maybe a rabbit-ear doe expects or even likes having her ears gripped and pulled, just as a cat expects her mate to hang onto the scruff of her neck and bite and claw some during sex. Cats just like it rough. What do I know about rabdeer?

I can't know--without asking the doe if she's okay. She's not protesting, and he glares like I'm out to steal his girl.

No mayhem so far. Better let them work it out on their own.


Closeup of Rabbit-Eared Doe. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Day: breakups - sculpting - nudity - book-inspired dreams - two more dreams provoked by Nina Kiriki Hoffmann's spooky tales: Self-Possessed & Marjane
Dream: statues come alive - babes, hunks & sexy creatures - hunting - animal people - deer - furry sex - exploitation? - sex dreams in general - creativity - pencil dream-art

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