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Dreamed 2000/7/10 by Wayan

I'm in a Pizzeria with a girl I admire. We try to Plan
an art event. Big crowd; too loud. An Ancient Man
leans in. "I am the Ghost

Of the Pizzeria" he claims. And proves: he seems
solid, yet Diners walk through him Blind as Dreams.
When the Living Fuse

With him, they speak as Spook, acquire Moods
subtle. Antique. Ironic: such possession-Quirks
mostly seem a Boost

For the Haunt's more Pensitive than Pizza
crowd as a whole. Soon as a Fuséd Man
bumbles on, our Ghost

Re-Coalesces: filtering Man's Soul out easily.
Aura-dialysis! The Pizzeria Living may be
Ephemerally Possessed,

But He, fluid, flickering as Koi neath Ripple,
or Breath-warped Candleflame, is yet Core-Stable:
for he's Self-Possessed.

A ghost in a pizzeria retains form even when others walk through him. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Notes in the Morning

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