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The Red Thing

Music-inspired digital painting, 1998, by Chris Wayan

An abstract. Well, almost. You're looking down on a landscape of forests and seas with a reddish, snowcapped volcano in the middle... and something red and scalloped twisting across the countryside. Is it like the Great Wall, or a Red Road, a path full of life-blood, a good path to follow?

Abstract wormy curve reflecting the Talking Heads' song THE GOOD THING.

I painted it while listening to the Talking Heads' song The Good Thing, but I sang the words wrong:

Mysterious Curve exists between me and the Good Thing.
I Compass Myself and sense my Inclination;
Tentative Trust keeps me bending in the right Direction;
Local Distortion is met with a heart full of the Good Thing.

(Lyrics botched without permission. When I relistened to the Talking Heads, this song was full of discipline, focus, and straight lines... not the tentative paths I find.)

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