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Dreamed 1984/1/18 by Chris Wayan

sketch of a rollerblade. Words: 'The tragedy.'

A friend of mine suffered a terrible accident, and now he's confined to rollerskates for life.

He's pushed the limits of his disability, learned some fine roller disco moves, but you can't spend your WHOLE life dancing under the mirrorball. And he just can't climb stairs, so buildings without wheelchair ramps are inaccessible.

That's his real tragedy. You see, he's in love with a woman whose house has three slippery front steps. I've seen him try to get in. His feet slide out, and WHAM. Hurts just to watch.

One sunny afternoon, I walk by the place and look again at those steps, the barrier to his love. I wonder--could he prevail on her (and her housemates, who'd have to concur) to carve wheel-shaped pits in the steps? Then his skates would lock in, as he climbed...

A little girl in a toy car rides by, then a boy on a tricycle. He asks me "what's wrong?"

I tell of my friend's tragic problem. Sketch of a kid crashing his trike into brick steps, deliberately, so he tumbles onto the top one. Words: 'How to climb steps'

He says "Aw, that dude could go right up--I do it in my wagon all the time!" He shows me how: just zooms up to the stair from the side, where it's almost a cliff, and slams into it! Momentum tumbles him onto the top step. He uncurls from the somersault, hardly bruised at all, and says "It's easy! You just go fast, and you gotta trust you won't hit the wall."

Now I want to tell my friend both my own idea and the kid's proven technique. There's hope for his love yet!

The door opens. A tall Asian girl, VERY pretty, asks who I am. She seems to vaguely recognize me. I explain and she says "So you're here to see Rocky, then. Well, I just got in, but I want to see her too. She's in the back yard, sunning. In fact" and here she lowers her voice, "if you're very quiet, maybe we can see more of Rocky than you expected."

She leads me in silently and we crouch and peer out the back screen door. Rocky's lying on a terrace, catching the last rays of the sun. Alone, because her beloved can't reach her. She's opened her blouse and her small, perfect breasts shine gold in the low light. Below that she's in a silver-gray bikini bottom and nothing else. She sticks a hand inside it and starts stroking, pulling out and up with her fingertips over and over, slowly, delicately. Her back starts arching.

Crayon of a blonde girl in a silver bikini bottom squirming on a blue blanket.
Inside the house, side by side, flank by flank, the two of us become very aware of each other, and our hardening nipples and racing hearts. My cock pushes against the snap on my pants. Rocky's housemate leans against me and starts rubbing her crotch. I let my cock burst out and masturbate too, timing my thrusts to match Rocky's slow undulations. I turn to go down on the girl by me--I start licking her thigh, but she ignores me, keeps her eyes on Rocky, and whispers "no, don't distract me, I need to be ready--Rocky's an intersex and she has two orgasms, one male one female. I have to catch her between them, then I can jump on her and she CAN'T say no!"
Crayon of an Asian girl leaning on a green sofa arm, looking sidelong to right
Wow, she's as obsessed as my skater-for-life friend! Not a glance at me, licking her cunt, penis throbbing right beside her--no, Rocky's her Love Object. I can almost understand--I'm willing to wait too, and see if Rocky will let ME fuck her, since this girl won't. Still, I'm not like my friend, or the girl beside me--they're obsessed, or, as they'd probably say, 'faithful', to one Love Object. Mine certainly isn't Rocky--she's part he, AND is self-involved, AND has two rivals obsessed with her/him. And... now that s/he is pulling down those silver bikini undies to bare a weird-looking pussy with a pudgy clit/penis like a small zucchini, Rocky seems less sexy than the girl beside me, at least to a guy like me who's pretty exclusively straight.

In fact, from Rocky to this girl beside me to the hard brick steps out front, this place seems like... not Rocky Horror, exactly, but at least... Rocky Relationship.

WAKING NOTES sketch of a rollerblade. Words: 'The tragedy.'

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