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Saint Barbie

Dreamed 2016/6/19 by Wayan


Watch a movie--a Despicable Me sequel. Gru's neighbors and adopted kids try to find him dates; he avoids them and goes spying at the mall instead. Spying, he's comfortable with. A pointy-nosed girl starts working with him. She's got a plain face, he's deeply ugly... interesting just how hardwired I am! I find their caricatured faces ugly, so it's impossible they could ever develop any chemistry. Apparently even highly stylized cartoon characters have to share my exact tastes! Sheesh.

Then I reread Alison Bechdel's ARE YOU MY MOTHER? This time I'm struck by Winnicott's idea of "compromise formation", when two sides of you want conflicting things and those pressures clash, generating an outcome neither really wants--unacceptable urge + repression = anxiety, or pointless compulsion, or illness. I've sure experienced this. But it doesn't prove my health problems are psychosomatic! Still, the less energy locked in such chronic combats the better for my general health.

So I ask my dreams "Please show me any compromise formations that are causing me trouble... and how to deal with them." Barbie doll as seen by a flatbed scanner; illustration of a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


I'm on a crowded street in northern San Francisco. A flatbed election-truck comes by. A ridiculously Barbie-ish woman on it rants through a microphone. "We need two things here in San Francisco to become the best society--one is kindness and courtesy, the other is..." as she's turning the corner and disappears "...ACK!"

We need ack?

Oh. Word filters round the corner... "Barbie had a heart attack or stroke. She died on the platform."

Instantly I see that silly though Barbie was in life, her death has left us a weird legacy. I call out:

"Barbie died to help us! She is a SAINT. We can invoke her and do miracles in her name. Saint Barbie! When you need someone to give you some slack, you can invoke her and all San Franciscans are obliged to calm down & give good manners a try! Even gangstas with guns out will pause when they hear the invocation:

In the Name of Saint Barbie!"

And it'll work. Rituals do. If you invent them. And inventing rituals that change us isn't hard. The trick is inventing ones that change us usefully.

This one does.


Twilight Sparkle, a winged unicorn who's the Princess of Friendship.
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