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Santa Clump

Dreamed 2009/9/16 by Wayan

I clutch a clod of chocolate clad
in purple glitterfoil.
I love true bitterpure cacao,
but this is a milked and sugared
jag-asteroid of oil.

But I peel & gnaw this crag too sweet
and settle by Tale-Teller's feet
with her disciples up on stage--well,
a hilly model landscape, veined
by tiny living rails.

We unavoidably block some trains,
for they bottleneck hooting through our dell
like a snaggle of yarn through a fist:
a snowy pass through Siberian hills

just a meter high. Well, not true snows,
just glued fine-shredded memos--
(far too warm and air too stuffy
for truth in this corporate lobby).

The Teller stretches her rangy legs
and starts a shivery tale I know
I'm just going to hate. Brrr! Pure snow.
Never my favorite flavor.

She speaks of a newly minted clutch
of mall-bound Santas in truly botched
outsourced outfits--some tropical firm
weak on polar myth. Unsuitable suits
of fake white fur, as if Claus-in-Boots
were a bigger Puss with a seasonal coat.

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: storyteller and listeners sit on a miniature landscape of hills, pines, fake snow and an HO train track.
This endangered polar pack
of secular saints now (quaking) stands
--glum ol' clump o' chumps!--
in a white-out blizzard, on a curb
in some megalopolic Yankee slurb.

Forepaws flail, through sleet they bellow,
Kringle their bells, and hail (through hail)
for a nice warm cab, poor furry fellows!

But cabbies all figger these shivering buggers
are bleached-out ursine charity beggars
so cabs farewell! Bear (warily) others...

You know their tale will end in froze.
For haven't we heard this hoary story?
Or Little Match Girl, its grandforemother.
Although these corporate waifs have more

insulation--sans thumbs or toes,
they'll hobble, crudely ambulatory--
polypro furball amputees
like veteran bears from the Arctic War...

Feh. Who cares? They're a tale, no more.
Cornered, cold these contractors be?
Let 'em contract! No skin off me.

Sketch of a dream by Wayan: guys in Santa Claus beards and hats (but furry and white, not red) in a blizzard, ringing Santa bells and waving their arms.


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