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Saturn Beach

Dreamed 1990/4/18 by Wayan

Sunbathe in space. A cool day out here--
far out, for that's not the moon swimming near--
cream-pale and ringed. Saturn turtle egg. I lug
inflatable beach toys. Fly light: my only gear.

I'm waiting, reading. Not summer stuff--prepare
for my spy-mission: to stop the Lizard-Bug,
that ex-human monster who foolishly ate
a giant grub. You are the grub you eat, so...

Now I go for a spaceriver swim. Whoops! Go
over a waterfall with a braided girl. We land
on a beach in a little cove, on the Bay of Death.
Many times we've swum here. Got reborn.

She junkfood-snacks and slathers sunblock on.
Chucks bright wrappers and plastic things
into the rings. I scold "Hey, don't litter the Bay
of Rebirth! We have to breathe in that!"

So cute in her NASA bikini, but
Trashy behavior bares a lot.

Sunbathing on the rings of Saturn. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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